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  1. Use React Hooks to Create a Toggle

    A quick example of how I learned about the `useState` and `useEffect` hooks to build a toggle menu component.

  2. Git! Move!

    Every once in a while, we all have to rename a file in a git repo. Find out about the `git mv` command and how it can help keep your commits clearer and cleaner.

  3. Using SVGs from a CDN?

    The other day I was thinking about inline svgs and (vs?) font icons. Mostly because I'm kind of a nerd. But then I started about better ways of managing svgs in our projects. Find out how I ended up at a small gulp task to help manage them.

  4. Webpack Output Settings for Libraries

    I updated my library using webpack, broke it by accident, and then figured out how to fix it!

  5. Bash Exansion

    Bash expansion is a great way to save time in the command line. Learn how it's done!

  6. Find It

    The other day I got frustrated having to write the same command in my terminal over and over. So, I wrote a tiny bash function to handle it for me! Find out how it's good (and not as good as I might like).

  7. Filtering Lists!

    One of the projects I'm involved with at work had an interesting set of problems and I thought I would share how I solved one them. One of the sites we're building has an A - Z index page. It's basically a massive link far (over 750 links and counting) that are listed alphabetically in groups like a dictionary.

  8. How to Calculate Color Contrast

    Learn the basic concepts behind how to calculate color contrast.

  9. Learning MySQL With ExpressJS (Part 0)

    I've started working on an experiment to learn more about SQL and WordPress by building a node app!

  10. Fetch a random image with async/await Part 2

    This time I wanted to create a helper function to store a variable.