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  1. Fetch a random image with async/await Part 2

    This time I wanted to create a helper function to store a variable.

  2. Fetch a random image with async/await

    A small example to help me clarify asynchronous browser interactions for myself.

  3. The Better Introduction to CSS Animations!

    The last post on CSS animations/transitions was really bad! Find out why and read about a better way.

  4. An Introduction to CSS Animations

    CSS animations are extremely powerful! They can create all kinds of amazing effects. This article shows how to make a nice sliding animation effect on a button/link element with transitions and pseudo-elements.

  5. Starting with Prisma and Docker

    First part of a series on building an application using graphql, prisma, and Docker.

  6. Over Engineering FizzBuzz

    Let's "over engineer" a classic programming challenge!

  7. Practical Recursion

    If you're like me, understanding why to use recursion is hard. Fortunately, I've got a practical example that will help you understand it better.

  8. Styled Drop Cap Behind Text

    A quick demo of making a (reasonably accessible) "drop cap" behind text as a style element.

  9. Carousel challenge

    I challenged myself to code up a page with multiple working carousels. Read on to find out how I did it!

  10. Setting up a New MacBook Pro for Web Development

    Recently I bought a new MacBook Pro. Read about some of the tools I added for web development.